Aberdeen Women's Alliance

The purpose of Aberdeen Women's Alliance is to advance citizenship and promote diversity and equality for women in Aberdeen.

The Alliance aims to;

- Encourage women in Aberdeen to meet and network, to get involved and collectively influence decisions which are made relating to a wide range of issues.
- Support women interested in improving the communities the live and work in, through involvement with a wide range of planning forums.
- Enable women in Aberdeen to have their point of view taken into account when decisions being made will affect their lives.

Furthermore the alliance is guided by the following principles;

The Alliance is run by and for women. We are inclusive rather than exclusive, welcoming and encouraging participation from all women in Aberdeen. Each woman is of value and provides an unique contribution. All women will be treated with equal respect and have their voice heard. The alliance aims to link existing partnerships and agencies to achieve a voice in the civic forum which will bring communities together to influence decisions made about the city.